Overheard HQ
Public Service Org

Hearing... Seeing... Doing...

Every city talks, we listen… A less creepy Alexa, if you will. We overhear what urbanites are talking about wherever they go. Whether it’s the latest microdosing hype or full-volume sex recaps at the farmer’s market, our public service is to curate and share this information with our community and make you laugh during your 10+ hours of daily screen time.

The social-first public service organization with an ear for city life and local culture.

The first eavesdropper was a social-climbing Neanderthal who overheard where the best overpriced berries could be gathered. Renaissance artists shared marketplace banter on frescoes, which townspeople would tap twice to “like”. By the 1930s, walls were made thinner to bring overhearing to the people. Overheard continues this rich history of overhearing in our society, getting all up in other peoples' business for the future of humankind.